Terms of use

1) This is to inform that covidmuktbharat.in is created by a group of volunteers who are inclined to help the people of our country, in times of crisis. It has been supported by Infuzex Ventures, a Noida based  IT company .

2) We are doing this work considering it our Individual social responsibility. We are not into any kind of medical services such as testing, plasma transfusion, drug development, medical assistance or etc.

3) The data that is provided over on the website is being contributed by individual volunteers, who are providing support to help country recover from covid. The volunteers are requested to provide authentic and up to date information.

4)The data that is present on the website is being sourced from public sources {including people who are voluntarily sharing their contacts} and other government websites. The volunteers verify the data before uploading, still we do not guarantee its complete authenticity.

5) Thus, the users are requested to do proper verification once. Nor volunteers at covidmuktbharat.in neither its supporter Infuzex Ventures will be held responsible, for any mishappenings. We neither engage ourselves into any monetary benefits nor we promote such wrong practices.

6) For providers who are charging for services, we suggest you to not pay any such provider in advance without receiving the service you require.

7) Please ensure that you DO NOT pay more than the MRP for any services or providers. The Government of India has set MRP for certain categories including medicines.

8) By accessing and using this website, you agree to the above mentioned conditions.